Community Engagement

Community Awareness

In communities where STSC is planning to implement an STSC system, a detailed study of that community’s use case(s) of the STSC system will have been conducted prior to the implementation of an STSC system. Representation from all constituencies within a community and those traveling into and from the community will be contacted and polled for their input as part of the study.

Community Ridership

The primary sources of demand that will augment ridership on STSC implemented transit solution systems:

  • Are residents in the communities and immediately surrounding areas.
  • Visitors who elect to not travel to an STSC-served community using their private vehicle and opt to use interoperable public transit solutions already serving the community. STSC will engage broadly within the community through the use of interviews and community engagement meetings and other forms of information gathering from residents, business owners, and their customers to learn how STSC can best address the transit needs of each community.

STSC’s regionally and municipally focused use-case studies will encourage people to provide inputs they want to share to help ensure the broadest possible inclusion into STSC’s implementation plans for a particular community from members of the community.